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May 7, 2014

Flights from the United States and Canada to Australia are non-stop from the west coast of North America to the east coast of Australia.  While the most frequent services operate between Los Angeles and Sydney (five airlines with more than 45 flights per week), excellent services from San Francisco, Vancouver and Honolulu are sometimes preferred as the outbound departure terminals at these airports are less hectic than at the Los Angeles airport.  Most flights operate overnight, departing in the evening and arriving early morning two days later as all routings cross the international date line.

Qantas has a non-stop service departing Dallas Ft. Worth airport to Sydney.  This makes a particularly appealing routing for visitors starting in the central and eastern sections of the USA due to convenient connecting flights to the Qantas partner hub at DFW airport.

Primary air carriers across the Pacific Ocean to Australia from the west coast of the USA include Qantas, V-Australia, American Airlines, United and Delta.  From Honolulu, choices include Qantas, JetStar and Hawaiian Airlines, while from Vancouver, Air Canada has a daily nonstop.  Flights with stopovers include routings via Auckland on Air New Zealand, Fiji on Air Pacific, or via Tahiti on Air Tahiti Nui.

The introduction of additional competition on the trans-Pacific corridor in the form of V-Australia and Delta in 2009 has resulted in substantial reductions in fares, particularly for business class travel.  Visitors who may have passed over the opportunity to fly in a lie-flat bed for the 14-hour overnight flight in the past due to high cost are advised to research the current prices for this type of premium long-haul travel.

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