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Spicers Peak Lodge

Spicers Peak Lodge - At a Glance

Located on 8000 acres at the peak of the ridge, with breathtaking views of the World Heritage listed Main Range National Park and Scenic Rim, Spicers Peak Lodge is Queensland’s highest mountain lodge retreat.

This architecturally stunning lodge is an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic design. 
With ten luxurious suites and two Private Lodges, Spicers Peak Lodge serves as an intimate and relaxing accommodation experience in one of South East Queensland's most beautiful wilderness areas.



An all inclusive rate, including its celebrated degustation dinner menu, is available at Spicers Peak Lodge where guests enjoy privacy, intimacy and very high levels of service. Lodge facilities include an infinity edge swimming pool, library with billiard table, massage room and an extensive lounge and dining area.

There is a range of experiences designed to give guests access to this strikingly beautiful part of the Australian wilderness including rainforest bushwalks, mountain biking adventures, and wine tasting at the nearby Granite Belt wine region. There are also guided four day treks ending  in a night of luxury at the lodge. 


Explore the diversity of unique Australian flora and fauna and traverse the foothills and valleys to get up close and personal with some of the region’s very special wildlife, including the rare glossy black cockatoos, bushy tail rock wallabies and the native koala.

Offering a unique blend of luxury accommodation and fine dining, Spicers Peak Lodge is an intimate destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

“The long two-storey lodge appears from the mist like a developing photograph. Blurred lines harden to a silhouette, then there it is, an improbable oasis on top of the world. If there were snowfields in Queensland, this is where you'd want your alpine chalet to be.” Susan Kurosawa, Weekend Australian


Spicers Peak Lodge

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Spicers Peak Nature Refuge
Spicers Peak lodge plateau has played part in many historic events including Alan Cunningham first discovering the Darling Downs. Spicers Peak Nature refuge was established in 2006 and comprises of 2000 ha of a 3000ha working cattle station. The agreement between the QLD Government and the owners binds all future owners and those interested in the land to conserve the areas significant natural and cultural resources, and provide for the controlled use of the lands natural resources for livestock production, eco tourism, and adventure activities.

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Wilderness setting and wildlife
There are ten eco systems represented in the nature refuge including eucalyptus open forest and woodlands, native mammals with platypus, 5 types of Kangaroo, dingo, three types of possum and other small creatures including bandicoots, bats. The property has also been renowned to be visited by avid bird watches due to the expansive sightings of rare and threatened birds including the glossy black cockatoo, Eastern Bristlebird and the regent honeyeater.

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