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Crystalbrook Lodge - Getting There

Getting There

Transfers from Cairns or Port Douglas are recommended by either fixed wing aircraft or helicopter (40 minute travel time each way).  Rates are confirmed at time of booking depending on number of guests travelling.



Fly over spectacular rugged outback for the 1-hour flight by helicopter or 40 minutes by charter flight from Cairns to Crystalbrook's own airstrip.

Self drive by arrangement (allow 3 hrs ex Cairns or Port Douglas).  Maps with access roads available on request.  Crystalbrook luxury 4WD vehicle transfers can be arranged.  Pricing and details on request.

Getting There

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Access via Cairns
Cairns is one of Australia's most accessible regional hubs with both domestic and international direct flights; and the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, The Daintree, and, the stunning outback country of northern Queensland.

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